Hello Dr Ruddy. I just wanted to say thank u for giving back my smile!!  The work u did on my front teeth is just amazing!

Kerry Poulsen

Hi Dr. Ruddy,
thank you very much for my new smile! It turned out much nicer than I ever thought it would.
Great work !!!!
I feel a lot more confident with it and got a few compliments already.
My special thanks to Andrea and Sarah. They make my visits at “Two Rivers Dental”
much more enjoyable. All the best to everybody, Bettina

I had three free soft tissue grafts done on Nov. 29. 2013. It took one and half an hour. The freezing of the roof of my mouth was painful but did not take very long. The grafts went into my lower jaw and where hosted by the roof of my mouth. After the surgery my dentist gave me a prescription for Tylenol 3, Antibiotics and Steroids. Furthermore he gave me a bottle of antimicrobial mouth wash and he recommended to get some vitamin C. I was thankful to have my husband with me, he picked the medication up for me and drove us home. On our 2 hour drive home I took two Tylenol three, because the freezing came of and I felt like somebody had done some serious work on my jaws. Before bed time I took two Advil’s and could not resist to take my upper denture out in order to carefully wash my mouth out with some salted water.I felt much better after that and had a good night.The next day I took a couple more Advil’s just in case. The third day I did not need the pain medication anymore.I took all my antibiotics and steroids like prescript.

Food wise I had soups, smoothies and all kind of mashed vegetables. I had to eat with a tea spoon, because I could not open my mouth wide enough
for a table spoon.Despite the swelling in my face I was full of energy and could do what ever needed to be done. I drunk chamomile tea all day long, maybe it helped a little bit with the healing !?
Day 7 after surgery I had my first sandwich, was it ever good!!!!! Not recommended by the doctor. On Dec. 10. 2013 I got my stitches out. Dr.Ruddy was happy with the result and so was I. Lots of new, healthy looking gum! At any time I would have a gum graft again in order to keep my lower teeth. It is by far not as bad as a denture.

Vollmer BettinaDecember 15, 2013Quesnel, BC

Doctor Brian Ruddy is such a nice man. he is witty, interesting, really funny, charming. compassionate and good looking. His office at Two Rivers Dental is immaculate with all of the state of the art dentistry ” tools of the trade”. I call him a DENTAL GENIUS and most importantly an awesome MAN OF GOD.

Christine GehlMarch 25, 2014Quesnel, BC

I had an abscess over a tooth that had been pulled many years ago and a new tooth inserted with a metal post. Over the years it continued to abscess and erode away the bone in my gum to the point where I knew I could no longer wait to have work done on it. Due to much dental work in the past and bad experiences with needles I was quite fearful of the procedure. I met Dr. Ruddy for the first time several months ago and he explained to me what I would need to expect to fix my tooth and Friday was the day for this. He did his best along with his assistant to ease my fears of the needle for freezing. I was very pleasantly surprised when this experience was unlike other I had had in the past with minimal discomfort on my part. He then proceeded to cut around my tooth so as to expose it and make it easier to remove. It was a delicate situation as this tooth had cement around the post which was cracking and he wanted to get it out intact, which he was able to do. Once the tooth was removed he scraped out the abscessed area making sure it was clean. He then inserted a piece of cadaver bone into the crevice and packed the area around it with membrane. He then put a piece of membrane over the cavity and took great care in stitching it in place. Once this was done he put a type of soft poxey over the tooth and the adjacent tooth that was also missing. The whole procedure lasted about 2 hours. During this time Dr. Ruddy continued to be concerned that I not be in any discomfort. He also took the time to answer any questions I had about what he was doing. Thursday I will go and have my stitches removed and hopefully a temporary flipper put in. Once this is all healed we will then consider what the next option will be for a more permanent solution to my missing front teeth. I am very thankful that I went to Dr. Ruddy and although I know this journey is not over yet I trust his judgement and he has helped restore my faith in dentistry.

Barb KoopSeptember 4, 2014Quesnel, BC